About us

The study of social insects has a long and rich history, and is associated with some of the classic papers in behaviour and evolution. From Darwin's dilemma regarding the evolution of sterile castes, to resolving key mechanisms that underpin their bewildering self-organization, to managing their economic impact in agriculture and as pests, social insects remain a pillar of biological research in the post-genomic era.

The Australasian Section of IUSSI aims to bring the Australian and New Zealand based social insect community together into a single forum on a regular basis keeping in-line with meetings of other IUSSI sections.

Benefits of membership

The joy of studying special insects is enhanced by the development of our own social networks, improving our ability to meet and collaborate with others with similar interests.

Specific activities designed to include the benefits of membership include the following:

  • the maintenance of an active  Society WWW page, providing members with updates in the world of social insects and the activity of its members

  • biannual conferences, usually held in association with other relevant conferences in the Australasian region (past examples include the Genetics Society, Australasian Evolution Society, animal Behaviour Society etc)).

  • Receipt of society newsletters providing updates on

    • member activities,

    • conferences,

    • research & 

    • employment opportunities

  • opportunity to apply for Society fund to support research activity and conference participation (we provided financial support for 20 individuals to attend IUSSI2018 Brazil!)

Annual newsletters